Das T-Shirt Automat Returns Policy:

If your order arrives and you're not pleased with it, we want to know, but please bear in mind the following:

All items are made to order, so we cannot offer returns or exchanges if you simply change your mind, or are unhappy with the style or size of the garment.

If there has been an error with the garment style / size, or the actual print, we will send out a replacement and cover all associated costs. Please send a quick snap of your item/s (with the size and print visible), to help@dasautomat.com and we’ll make it right.



Some things to consider when placing a custom order. 

We run an eye over your artwork before we print, but design is subjective so we can't promise to pick up or fix every odd choice. Low resolution photographs, questionable alignment, or odd font and colour pairings are things to look out for. If you don't trust your skills or eyesight, we have designers ready to lend a hand. Email kensington@dastshirtautomat.com for help.
We will make a judgement based on the shape of your design and your chosen garment. If you have specific dimensions or spacing in mind, add them in the notes section and we'll go by those.
There can be variation between the physical print and what you see on screen. If colour matching is of the utmost importance, get in touch before you order.
Check our charts carefully, and take a moment to measure your parts. Specs can vary wildly between brands and styles, and we can't exchange an item once it's printed.
Turnaround times are a guide only. We often deliver ahead of estimates, but if your deadline is life and death, mention it and we'll do our best to meet it.
The machines we use are very clever, but they have their limits. Large areas of solid colour or white can be tricky to achieve on dark coloured garments. We want you to be delighted with your print, so If there's an approach that will give a better result, we'll get in touch to discuss options.
Embarrassingly we still employ the vintage machines known as humans. They’re warmer and occasionally have a better sense of humour than the autobots, but they still err. If you notice a mistake in your order, let us know right away. We'll make it right.
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